Sri Om Care’s big step for their unique long day and short term respite project


Saturday 18th March 2017 – Parravilla Function Centre – Parramatta

Sri Om Care’s big step for their unique long day and short term respite project Saturday 18th March 2017 – Parravilla Function Centre – Parramatta “We played and enjoyed when we were growing up. We are just going back to where it all began”. The key message delivered by Sri Om foundation’s chair person, HH Sriom Adisakthiyendra Swamigal.

Retirement should be something we all look forward to and enjoy after the hard work we put in, however, in reality, it is far from that. The elderly community of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds face even greater challenges than the mainstream population when it comes to aged care. This is why Sri Om have taken an initiative and used actions rather than words to provide services to our elders for over the last 10 years, a legacy that will carry forward to provide care for our retirement and beyond.

It was a big night on Saturday, 18th March 2017. It was a big step for Sri Om, where they unveiled their grand action plan for our future in front of a full capacity Parravilla Function centre. The evening was focused around gaining the community’s support to develop the facility that provides long day care and short term respite, which will take the stress out of retirement.

The evening consisted of quality entertainment and a 3 course meal in between messages from prominent community members. There was all praise and full support from the crowd who understood the issues we face in society and believe in the work of Sri Om Care.

Ms. Aisha Amjad alongside Mr. Harish Velji represented Hon. Michelle Rowland, member for Greenway and Shadow minister for citizenship and multiculturalism. “I wish I am like those lovely ladies who danced before me when I retire”, said Ms. Amjad, referring to the elderly clients from Sri Om centres who entertained the audience with a traditional Indian folk dance. Ms. Amjad read out a key message from Ms. Rowland that congratulated Sri Om on its services and provided full support in all its new endeavours.

Notable Human rights lawyer, and a winner of 100 women of influence, Ms. Pallavi Sinha was present at the event and shared a few words about Sri Om’s great work and her personal experience growing up in multicultural Australia and challenges that lie ahead in elderly care.

Other notable figures who attended the event included Ms. Julie Finn from NSW labor, Cr. Raj Datta from Strathfield, Cr. Gurdeep Singh from Hornsby and Ms. Reena Jethi – treasurer for Liberal Women’s council or NSW, just to name a few.

The audience were privileged to have the attendance of the chairperson for Sri Om Foundation HH Sriom Adisakthiyendra Swamigal, President HH Sriom Gnanasakthiyendra Swamigal and Vice President Mr. Jay Raman, who all promoted the new offering and answered questions raised by the public.

The highlight of the evening was the keynote delivered by Sri Om Foundation directors – Ms. Vidya Raghavan and Mr. Srini Vasudevan. They walked through the challenges faced by our community, how Sri Om have addressed them and how Sri Om will provide a game changing respite facility in Clarence near Lithgow. With a 6 acre property, “Sriom Devi Brindhavan”, acquired in the heart of the Blue Mountains, the project is now ready to move into development phase with the backing and support from the community. The property will initially house 20 – combination of independent and shared units, which will be available to provide short term respite and accommodation services. The key feature of the facility is the ongoing delivery of the active ageing programs and services that the Sri Om team have been so successful in over the last 10 years.

An initial, capital of 1.5 million is the expected figure to be raised to move into development. The public are invited to provide their support to Sri Om to help shape the aged care industry for CALD communities. All donations over $2 to Sri Om Foundation are tax deductible.

The public had the opportunity to raise questions about the project which was handled exceptionally well and provided confidence to the public that the service can be delivered by Sri Om. The evening closed out with the dance floor being opened and then some time to network amongst the group.

The team at Sri Om would like to thank all the numerous volunteers, staff and the public in making the event a grand success. For more information about this project and others, we encourage the public to e-mail Sri Om at or visit our site at

March 2017 function – media release – PDF

Sri Om Care’s Dinner for the project launch of – Long day and short term overnight respite


Saturday 27th February 2016 – The Madison Function Centre – Dural


Sri Om Foundation put on a spectacular show to launch their new concept – Long day and short term overnight respite. Most of the project specifics had been under wraps and was unveiled to the public in grand style.


The event was held in front of a strong crowd with a good mix of government delegates, business personnel, community groups, service providers and the general public. There was great hospitality from the team at Madison who served up an excellent dinner, which was very well appreciated by the capacity crowd that exceeded 150 guests. Special guests included Hon. Michelle Rowland – Shadow minister for citizenship and multiculturalism, Mr. Steve Teulan – Director of Uniting NSW and ACT, Hornsby Councilor Mr. Gurdeep Singh, Sevinc Izmirli from PICAC NSW and Anne Kalra – Aged care services manager from Uniting Care.


The evening started with the traditional lighting of the lamp. One of Sri Om’s long term supporter and senior, Mrs. Vijayalakshmi Vijayaraghavan, had the honor of lighting whilst Ms. Nitya Ramaswamy recited a short welcoming prayer.


Sri Om’s People’s relations director, Ms. Arundathi Raghavan, welcomed the guests and provided a detailed overview and plans for the night. Her enthusiasm and choice of words on stage made the guests feel comfortable throughout the night.


There was a good mix of entertainment provided on the night with the ever charming Mr. Vinod Rajput, who mixed it up with acoustics, solo vocal and duet performances. The children from Meenaxi’s Dance Group provided a couple of astonishing dance performances which was very well received by the respectable audience.


Sri Om’s Chairperson HH Sri Om Adisakthiyendra Swamigal sent his apologies for being unavailable for the event but provided a message to the community which was read out by the Vice President – Mr. Jay Raman. His message stressed the importance of the community working in unity to provide selfless service to the needy. He also highlighted the progress made by the organisation over the last 10 years and was humbled by the positive support from everyone in the community.


Honorable Michelle Rowland MP, spoke about the great work that Sri Om have been doing for the past 10 years and individually congratulated every director and staff at Sri Om. She made special mention about the professionalism and transparency of Sri Om and said it is rare to find amongst community organisations. Keeping political allegiances aside, she requested the public to “keep aged care high on the agenda when going to the polls, as in the next 5 years, 1 in 3 elderly citizens will be born outside of Australia”.


The highlight of the evening was then kicked off by Sri Om’s Ms. Arundathi Raghavan and Mr. Srini Vasudevan (Director – Learning and Development), who walked through the concept of Long day care and short term overnight respite. The project proposal and plans to make it reality were discussed in detail through an eye-catching presentation, passionate dialogs and a breath taking video that showcased Sri Om’s abilities to deliver the project.


Ms. Raghavan echoed the need to get public financial support of $500,000 to deliver on this program and said “donations are tax deductible. If we get everyone in this room to just donate $1000, we would already be about 40 percent there”. Mr. Vasudevan expressed the importance of Sri Om in the community and how the community can work together to deliver this. He said “It is Karma and what goes around comes around. We are actually doing this for ourselves more than anyone. We will end up being the care receivers in due time”. Both the presenters iterated that “now is the time to act and tonight is the night to make it all happen”.


Mr. Raman Bhalla, an accountant, independent financial planner and former NSW Liberal Party candidate, spoke about Sri Om’s services and the governance and transparency of the organisation. He mentioned lenders and venture capitalists always look for certain aspects of a business for it to succeed and that “Sri Om ticks all of those boxes.


The crowd was privileged to receive some wise words from Mr. Steve Teulan, Director for Uniting. He mentioned about the wonderful relationship between Sri Om and Uniting and that he has high expectations and is confident in the success of the proposal put by Sri Om.


The evening ended with a question and answer session from the enlightened audience and then a networking session amongst the group. The program was very well received by the public and the overall consensus was to work hard together to make this project a reality. The team at Sri Om sends out a hearty appreciation for everyone who was able to attend and provided their support. We encourage the public to get in touch with us at for more information.


If you wish to donate, please visit our website at or you can send it by EFT to

Name: Sri Om Foundation, BSB: 124 001, Account Number: 21817712. Ensure to send us an email if you wish to donate through EFT so a tax receipt can be provided.


Please note all donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Sri Om Seniors Thought on Sustainability and Environment outing


Mr. Chanan- Sri om –uniting seniors day centre at Seven hills

It is said that naturechanan and nurture works side by side. We are product of our own genetic makeup and the environment. The environment surrounding us the biosphere in which we breathe and live is very important for our happy, healthy and long life. The pleasant and fresh environments have direct effect on our body and mind mechanism. There are many religions but I believe in 3Es-Enviornment, Energy, and Enjoyment. It is our responsibility to leave the earth better placement for our future generations. To support this I also participate in community as Bush care volunteer and at the Sri Om centre in plant the Planet Bingo- a small attempt of giving plant to a winner.


Mr. Charanjeet Cheema – Sri Om care

Scheemaustainable living is reducing your demand over nature. The simple theory is Restore, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. This we understood more in detail during our Outing organised by Sri Om – uniting group with Environmental expert Mallikah at Bobbin Head.
We discussed few points with our friends as: Biodiversity, Grow veggie patch, garden west compost , use natural cleaners as sand ,tree skins , water, vinegar.., stop unwanted email, physical post, use solar energy, reducing paper towel and plastic use , changing washing and bathing habits , freshly cook food to as much you need, walking habits etc..Nature is a free gift given to us by God in return we must Preserve it.


Mr. Ved Sharma Sri Om care seniors day program

In the sharmaname of progress and development we have so much ammunition to blow the earth basically due to our Greed only. In today’s world of high rate of development we are able to make our life style more comfortable but at what cost? Water shortage is going to be a problem in near future let us wish nations don’t fight for this. Pollution problem – We are burning fossil fuel to sustain our lifestyle, causing health problem, global warming, flooding and few other. Compare to world population we are 5 times more consuming world resources where are we heading to? It is our time for Holistic and naturopath living.


Nature visits oragnised by Sri Om

for more photos, visit our facebook page


Day center openings for 2014


After a successful 2013 and a well deserved break for our coordinators, seniors and volunteers, we are ready to begin again for 2014.

Our Center reopening dates for 2014 are highlighted below. We are also announcing the date of our newest centre in Liverpool. More details on this center will be broadcast in the next few weeks.

Seven Hills – 10 January
Auburn – 13th January
Chester Hill – 23rd January
Toongabbie – 5th February
Pennant Hills – 10th February
Baulkham Hills – 12th February
Liverpool (New Center) – 25th February

If you need any more information, please feel free to contact us as or use the contact page from the menu.

Some useful web links


The team at Sri Om have picked up some useful links over the years. Please find below a list of links and a description which you may find useful. Please feel free to comment if you feel there are others which are very important and missing from the list. Department of Health and Ageing Leading Aged Services Australia Leading Aged Services Queensland Leading Aged Services Victoria Leading Aged Services New South Wales / ACT Leading Aged Services South Australia Leading Aged Services Western Australia Department of Veterans Affairs Alzheimers Australia Dementia Care Australia Centrelink Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency


Aged care in Australia


Types of care

The Australian Government aims to ensure that affordable, accessible and quality aged care is available to all older Australians who need it. Most people prefer to stay in their own homes. Whenever possible, community care assists people to remain at home despite the effects of ageing. Where it is no longer possible to stay at home, aged care homes are available across the country offering quality care and services in a safe environment.


Community care

Are you an older person who is living at home who might need a little extra help from time to time? Are you caring for an older relative or friend who wants to stay at home rather than go into an aged care home?

Growing older in Australia comes with many choices. Choices about where you live, whether in Broome or on Bribie Island, and how you live, whether you are golfing or grand parenting. Many things affect your choices, but often your health plays a major role in your lifestyle as you get older.

For many people, living in the comfort of their own home is an important part of growing older, but for some older people this may become difficult without extra help. This is where ‘home help’ or community care services comes into the picture – providing help with everything from housework, meals and personal care, to assistance getting out and about for social activities.

Most older Australians prefer to stay in their own homes, so there are a number of programs available to help out with daily living activities that may have become harder for you to manage on your own. This is called ‘community care’. The Home and Community Care program (HACC)  and Community Aged Care Packages (CACP) are two such programs, with services specifically designed for older Australians who would qualify for at least low-level care in an aged care home. CACP provides a package of services where as, HACC may, provide one or more services.

HACC services aims to meet basic needs to maintain your independence at home and in the community, and they include community nursing, domestic assistance, personal care, meals on wheels, home modification and maintenance, transport, and community-based respite care .Two other programs Extended Aged Care at Home (EACH) and Extended Aged Care at Home Dementia (EACH D) also provide services for high-level care needs at home. Eligibility for CACPs, EACH and EACH D is assessed by Aged Care Assessment Teams (ACATs or ACAS in Victoria).


Aged care homes

Some people find it simply too difficult to manage at home and have trouble doing everyday things that used to seem fairly easy. If this is the case there are a wide range of aged care homes available across Australia, which may be able to help.

If you can no longer live at home because of ageing, illness or disability, there are publicly-funded places in aged care homes that you may be able to access. This is called ‘residential aged care’.

There are two types of residential aged care in Australia – high-level and low-level care. High-level care provides nursing care when required, meals, laundry, cleaning and personal care, while low-level care gives you assistance with meals, laundry and personal care, except when required. To be eligible for either of these aged care places you need to be assessed by an ACAT.

Sri Om Foundation is in the process of liaising with the Federal Government to develop these services specifically for the Indian community.

Sri Om Care brings the skills and expertise for caring for the elderly from the Indian Community. With our wide volunteer base that are trained in many of the Indian languages, and our broad experience in working closely with numerous seniors, we have the skills to identify and customise the needs of the seniors and assist them in “Active Ageing”. Through the recruitment of high quality and accredited staff followed by the application of rigorous peer review standards, we ensure that we provide seniors with the best possible care.

Our services are recommended by numerous health professionals. We are committed to provide the best possible care for seniors and in assisting them with active ageing. Being a not-for-profit organisation, we are primarily focused on the well-being of seniors and hence most of our services are at a very minimal cost or at no cost at all.

Sri Om Foundation is developing programs to help you or your carer to understand the various types of community care services available and how to arrange them.

Girish Mathur has extensive experience in Aged Care in Sydney and if you wish to contact him for further information or clarification email:

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