Diwali Celebrations at Chester Hill 12/11/2015 By Sunila Dass


Deepawali is celebrated with new beginnings and the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness.

It is also considered and celebrated as a cultural activity as well.

This Thursday 12th November, happened to be a beautiful breezy morning and our seniors were all ready for the celebration of our major festival of lights “Deepawali”. Our event’s manager and day respite co-ordinators were early to decorate the hall with bright colours which appeared quite spectacular. Special sittings were arranged to cater for forty seniors. There was a motivation and a pinch of creativity within every individual.

As I walk in the hall I could feel the Positive Vibration with the melody of Devotional Diwali songs in Tamil, Hindi & Punjabi. Rangolies, which was prepared a week before by our seniors for this auspicious day were beautifully designed in innumerable colours, were arranged in the hall.

Ladies were dressed up in their best attractive costumes with vibrant colours and so were our men.

After the Prayer Ceremony, the sugar free sweets were served followed by morning tea with snacks. There was a brief talk on Diwali and the best of all everyone had a chance to bring the past memories of the celebration of this auspicious festival in their home town of their country, such as:- Their childhood, Teenage, Married-Life, Being Parents, Grand Parents & Great-Great Grand Parents.

There were some concerts performed by our seniors acting as celebrities from Bollywood Film Industry. This was well narrated and choreographed by another of our seniors Mrs Sushila John.

The appetizing and freshly prepared lunch with Aroma, was delivered at 1pm along with Healthy & Delicious Deserts – the seasonal fruits. We finished for the day at 2pm.

Sunila Dass


Day Respite Chester Hill



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