Chesterhill Open day – by Sunila Dass

Chester Hill Day Respite – 9th October 2014

Gr8 things happen on Open Day.

A day when members of public may visit an organisation or a place which they do not usually have access. This is how it sparked Annette to have an Open Day. Bringing in the people from Indian community, who were being wait listed, who qualify.

On a Bright Thursday morning; my team, Shweta, Medhi and a volunteer Sangeeta, turned in an hour early with lot of enthusiasm; to take over the arrangement & decoration of the entire hall. Our original respite group started to come in by 9.30 as told, so they could give warm welcome to the guests. As usual all our loved ones were at their best behaviours, exactly knowing what and how to be presentable. (I guess they had proper rehearsal by Shweta)

The bus arrived little bit later than expected. All the guests were refreshed with tea, coffee and juices. To me they looked weary but had sparkles in their eyes and smile on their faces. At first I was conspicuous whether it was the attractive and familiar looking faces or the appealing photos on the walls. It was like celebration and expression of one language- seniors’ get-together.

  • Shweta started with an introduction and great presentation about Sriom Care.
  • Annette spoke briefly about the advantage and incentives of being Australian Residence and funding seniors who are financially disadvantaged.
  • I had my share of contribution.

“The aged Indian Community is given an experience of having a day out and feel positive about themselves”. Day respite

  • Annie started with the regular exercise, somehow managed to fit in 42 seniors , throwing their arms around doing her famous 1990’s ‘Coco-Jambo’

‘Put me up, Put me Down, Put my feet back on the Ground

Put me up, Take my heart & make me happy

Ayyayaya Coco-Jambo yayaya Coco Jambo…

Lot of discussions regards active aging along with question and answers from the seniors.

Harmonious music was always backing the group of seniors. It was a tremendous work from our vocalists giving beautiful numbers that brought happiness and bit of emotions.

The appetizing lunch with aroma, was delivered by Radhika from ‘Meals On Wheels’ at 1pm along with. Healthy and Delicious Deserts. (Seasonal Fruits)

There was a positive vibration in the hall because our seniors came to take something back with them.

We are definitely expending our group to a bigger number and thinking of opening a new one in Liverpool. Once again, thank you team and management for giving us opportunity to be together and work hand in hand to make this Open Day successful. The same evening, I received a mail from Annette

Dear Shweta & Sunila (Mehdi & Sangeeta too!)


I just want to thank you all for a great Open Day event today.  You really did put a lot of work into it and it turned out to be a big success.  Congratulations!

I enjoy working with you and appreciate your care & enthusiasm toward the clients.

Again, congratulations on a successful Open Day event…

Sincerely, Annette


Sunila Dass

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  1. Annie Alchin Reply

    Beutifully written Sunila & I don’t mind you mentioning me.. I’m grateful to be part if a wonderful & welcoming Community.

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