Sri Om Seniors Thought on Sustainability and Environment outing


Mr. Chanan- Sri om –uniting seniors day centre at Seven hills

It is said that naturechanan and nurture works side by side. We are product of our own genetic makeup and the environment. The environment surrounding us the biosphere in which we breathe and live is very important for our happy, healthy and long life. The pleasant and fresh environments have direct effect on our body and mind mechanism. There are many religions but I believe in 3Es-Enviornment, Energy, and Enjoyment. It is our responsibility to leave the earth better placement for our future generations. To support this I also participate in community as Bush care volunteer and at the Sri Om centre in plant the Planet Bingo- a small attempt of giving plant to a winner.


Mr. Charanjeet Cheema – Sri Om care

Scheemaustainable living is reducing your demand over nature. The simple theory is Restore, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. This we understood more in detail during our Outing organised by Sri Om – uniting group with Environmental expert Mallikah at Bobbin Head.
We discussed few points with our friends as: Biodiversity, Grow veggie patch, garden west compost , use natural cleaners as sand ,tree skins , water, vinegar.., stop unwanted email, physical post, use solar energy, reducing paper towel and plastic use , changing washing and bathing habits , freshly cook food to as much you need, walking habits etc..Nature is a free gift given to us by God in return we must Preserve it.


Mr. Ved Sharma Sri Om care seniors day program

In the sharmaname of progress and development we have so much ammunition to blow the earth basically due to our Greed only. In today’s world of high rate of development we are able to make our life style more comfortable but at what cost? Water shortage is going to be a problem in near future let us wish nations don’t fight for this. Pollution problem – We are burning fossil fuel to sustain our lifestyle, causing health problem, global warming, flooding and few other. Compare to world population we are 5 times more consuming world resources where are we heading to? It is our time for Holistic and naturopath living.


Nature visits oragnised by Sri Om

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Diwali Celebrations at Chester Hill 12/11/2015 By Sunila Dass



Deepawali is celebrated with new beginnings and the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness.

It is also considered and celebrated as a cultural activity as well.

This Thursday 12th November, happened to be a beautiful breezy morning and our seniors were all ready for the celebration of our major festival of lights “Deepawali”. Our event’s manager and day respite co-ordinators were early to decorate the hall with bright colours which appeared quite spectacular. Special sittings were arranged to cater for forty seniors. There was a motivation and a pinch of creativity within every individual.

As I walk in the hall I could feel the Positive Vibration with the melody of Devotional Diwali songs in Tamil, Hindi & Punjabi. Rangolies, which was prepared a week before by our seniors for this auspicious day were beautifully designed in innumerable colours, were arranged in the hall.

Ladies were dressed up in their best attractive costumes with vibrant colours and so were our men.

After the Prayer Ceremony, the sugar free sweets were served followed by morning tea with snacks. There was a brief talk on Diwali and the best of all everyone had a chance to bring the past memories of the celebration of this auspicious festival in their home town of their country, such as:- Their childhood, Teenage, Married-Life, Being Parents, Grand Parents & Great-Great Grand Parents.

There were some concerts performed by our seniors acting as celebrities from Bollywood Film Industry. This was well narrated and choreographed by another of our seniors Mrs Sushila John.

The appetizing and freshly prepared lunch with Aroma, was delivered at 1pm along with Healthy & Delicious Deserts – the seasonal fruits. We finished for the day at 2pm.

Sunila Dass


Day Respite Chester Hill



Seven Hills day respite – By Sunila


Blog on activities at the Seven Hills day respite by our coordinator Ms. Sunila Dass



On this particular Friday 26th September, our very reliable and responsible Co-ordinator, Medhi Hamidpour was asked to work in the city, the famous and popular setup ‘Martin Place’.

It was for the first time to be in Seven Hills Day Respite. This shift was very challenging since the seniors were in double the number as in Chester Hill. I was pretty familiar with some of the faces, but that does not change the consequences.

As I walked in the hall, I noticed the seniors doing step balancing, and were well being monitored. I was asked to assist them one at a time, until completed.

‘Stepping On Programme’

“The program offers elderly people, a way of reducing falls and at the same time increasing self confidence in situation where they are at the risk of falling. “

Once the completion of the session, the Stepping On Programme team was acknowledged and were presented little tokens just after the morning tea.

Most of the female seniors were busy knitting using different pastel wool for each motif ; and the end results will be number of warm blankets. I was told the blankets were for some Aged Care facilities.

I led the Game of Full House Bingo and to make the winners happy we treated them with healthy snacks.

Delicious and freshly prepared lunch from Indo Lankan was delivered and the meals were served at 1pm.

For a change am glad to work with a group of seniors, coming from Northern part of India to Southern part of India, but sharing the same ideology.

The time went so fast and all of us left the respite centre at 2pm.

Sunila Dass

Visit to Nursing Home – by Sunila Dass


Post by Sri Om Coordinator, Ms. Sunila Dass, on her experience with her recent nursing home visit with the Sri Om crew.



Two weeks before we were told that during the school holiday, Chester Hill Community Hall was not available for 25th September so we organised a visit to an Aged Care, where one of our seniors is having a therapeutic treatment.

The bus arrived at 10am and we headed to Glen Lynn Nursing Home in Auburn. Some of our clients were already emotional and some were very eager to meet their friend. Once we reached her bedside, the patient acknowledged and thanked everyone. She looked more relaxed to see her loved ones; shared some of her poetry that was written while being there. Believe me she made everybody into fits of laughter. Refreshment area was a flash back of an activity in Chester Hill. Songs and some jokes as usual were added. There was a photo session with her and the quality time we spent with Mrs.Sneh Dewan was one hour. We left the Aged Care Facility at 12 noon to Sikh Temple for a prayer where we had lunch and left for the depot- Chester Hill at 3pm.

Sunila dass



Trip To Floriade – By Sunila Dass


Blog post by our Day centre coordinator Ms. Sunila Das on the recent trip to Canberra with 100 Seniors




Monday 22nd September, the gr8 journey for Sriom Day Respite seniors headed for the famous Tulip Garden’s spring festival in Floriade Canberra.

Chester Hill, Seven Hills, Tonggabbie and Auburn group combined in three separate buses with some volunteers.

The first stop-over for half-an-hour was at Goulburn for morning tea and fresh up. I realised the seniors were more relaxed and energised after the refreshments, so we headed for Floriade.

The 10 acre garden of magnificent tulips and other spring flowers creates a spectacular display in this area. Hundreds of blossom trees nestle between the flowers and provide a magic pathway to the waterfall.

Due to the heat not many of our seniors could move around freely, but it never stopped them posing for photos. From time to time we got into shades where some classical musical concerts were on. There were painting corners, work-shops for topiary- design and garden Gnomes. Being the school holiday there were lot more attractions for children so I believe there were extra movements around. After spending two hours, all three buses were there to pick us up for lunch to a nearby park called Weston Park.

It was very kind of Shweta and the team to engage in this project for organising very appetizing and balanced meal for 180 seniors. After photo session, at 3.30pm we said good bye to each other and left in 3 different buses. There was a stop-over for basic stretching for 30 seconds to relax the muscles.

Finally we reached the destination (Whitlam Leisure Centre) at 7.30pm where our major maxi-taxi was waiting. For some, we waited until other taxis arrived. It was a spectacular and memorable trip to Floriade.


Sunila Dass


Day center openings for 2014


After a successful 2013 and a well deserved break for our coordinators, seniors and volunteers, we are ready to begin again for 2014.

Our Center reopening dates for 2014 are highlighted below. We are also announcing the date of our newest centre in Liverpool. More details on this center will be broadcast in the next few weeks.

Seven Hills – 10 January
Auburn – 13th January
Chester Hill – 23rd January
Toongabbie – 5th February
Pennant Hills – 10th February
Baulkham Hills – 12th February
Liverpool (New Center) – 25th February

If you need any more information, please feel free to contact us as or use the contact page from the menu.

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