Seven Hills day respite – By Sunila

Blog on activities at the Seven Hills day respite by our coordinator Ms. Sunila Dass



On this particular Friday 26th September, our very reliable and responsible Co-ordinator, Medhi Hamidpour was asked to work in the city, the famous and popular setup ‘Martin Place’.

It was for the first time to be in Seven Hills Day Respite. This shift was very challenging since the seniors were in double the number as in Chester Hill. I was pretty familiar with some of the faces, but that does not change the consequences.

As I walked in the hall, I noticed the seniors doing step balancing, and were well being monitored. I was asked to assist them one at a time, until completed.

‘Stepping On Programme’

“The program offers elderly people, a way of reducing falls and at the same time increasing self confidence in situation where they are at the risk of falling. “

Once the completion of the session, the Stepping On Programme team was acknowledged and were presented little tokens just after the morning tea.

Most of the female seniors were busy knitting using different pastel wool for each motif ; and the end results will be number of warm blankets. I was told the blankets were for some Aged Care facilities.

I led the Game of Full House Bingo and to make the winners happy we treated them with healthy snacks.

Delicious and freshly prepared lunch from Indo Lankan was delivered and the meals were served at 1pm.

For a change am glad to work with a group of seniors, coming from Northern part of India to Southern part of India, but sharing the same ideology.

The time went so fast and all of us left the respite centre at 2pm.

Sunila Dass

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